The Process


These only come in via our survey for foreign talent, via an optional question: 

"We have learned that many facing kompetensutvisning have employers that really help - is your current employer someone who helps you with this situation? Do you want to nominate them for an Award?" 

Diversify interviews the nominee,  and records their responses to 5 questions regarding the specific case, in max a one-pager. 


      Evaluations are based on 6 categories, asked to every nominee: 

      1. Complexity/Degree: Can you describe the complexity of this case and why you became involved? 
      2. Time: Can you describe the chronology of this event, when did it all begin, when it ends, how long did it go on?
      3. Organizational: Was there a commitment at an organizational/leadership level, and if so, how?  
      4. Personal: You were personally nominated for this award – what was your personal commitment to helping this person? 
      5. Frequency: (how any times the organization has been nominated).
      6. Helhetsbedömning: An overall assessment on each individual case is made.


      • Qualifying nominations are anonymized, i.e. cleaned of any identifying information on the  company, industry, gender, anything - and are maximum one page. 
      • The anonymized responses are handed over to the Evaluation Committee, and voted on 'blind.' 
      • Weighted variables across the 5 categories are scored, along with an overall  'helhetsbedömning' (!) score by the Evaluation Committee in April. 


      Diversify does not vote on the winner. The Head of the Evaluation Committee announces the winner at the Award Ceremony.

      Nominees that chose to sponsor the Award, are not 'helped' because the nominations are anonymous, and all Evaluation Committee members are separate from DIversify. 

      The Evaluation Committee

      Mia Rolf
      Director, Ideon Science Park

      Rafiqul Islam
      Kompetensutvisning Survivor & Co-Founder, Work Permit Holders Association

      Ali Omumi
      Chief Kompetensutvisning Survivor & Specialist at ABB

      Award Angel
      Want to be our angel? Reach out to

      contact us!

      Lisa Pelling
      Chief Analyst at Arena Idé

      Monika Wirkkala
      Head of Talent Attraction at Swedish Institute

      Nina Falkstrand
      Head of Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Scania

      Nina is  the real deal. Originally from Södertälje, Nina went around the world before coming back to build a veteran career in HR at Scania. Nina is a trailblazer with several different programs, methods and volunteer organizations that progress women's and minority engagement at the workplace at Scania and others. This is probably why Scania was nominated (twice) for an Award - which was traded to be the Head of our Evaluation Committee.